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Apecoin Ape Price, Marketcap, Charts And Fundamentals Info

World currency prices are based on rates obtained via Open Exchange Rates. Binance.US ranks 9th on CoinMarketCap’s list of the top 10 exchanges based on metrics like 24-hour trading volume, exchange score and average liquidity. ApeCoin’s current price is $5.52, with a 24-hour trading volume of $435,475,762. The APE/USD pair started trading at $4.6, and its value fluctuated from $4.66 and $5.72 on a given day.

As a result, the price per Ape soared making the collection one of the most prestigious in the crypto community. Thus, some of the most unique apes were sold for $1.3 mln and $3 mln worth of ether correspondingly. The APE exchange rate is decided by supply and demand on cryptocurrency exchanges. When more people are buying ApeCoin than selling it, the price goes up. Technical analysis is valuable in crypto investing even if you don’t have access to years of historical price data in the ApeCoin chart. For example, with many cryptos, dramatic price drops and periods of high volatility have been followed by a sustained rise to new highs.

  • Binance has the lowest transaction fee rate amongst all major trading platforms.
  • Track ApeCoin’s history in its entirety, ranging from the ApeCoin starting price to the most recent APE price data.
  • Regardless of where the markets are going, it is extremely important to stay updated in terms of crypto prices.
  • The most active and popular exchanges for buying or selling APE are Binance, Kucoin & Kraken.
  • With 15% of all tokens being allocated for this purpose, these tokens can only be claimed only once.
  • This current price prediction is done by a machine crunching numbers and the model is still in the early beta stages.
  • EarthShaker believes that ApeCoin will not be able to gain any real traction in the metaverse space, which will force ApeCoin to depreciate.

Links provided to third-party sites are also not under Binance’s control. Binance is not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of such third-party sites and their contents. As a utility token, ApeCoin is a cryptocurrency that can be used without centralized intermediaries. Market cap is calculated by multiplying the asset’s circulating supply with its current price. Crypto market capitalization regained the $1 trillion mark early on Monday, up from around $800 million in June. The protocol introduced 30.25% of them into circulation at launch and will add the rest over the following four years.

Whats The Current Apecoin Price? How Much Is 1 Apecoin Worth?

Holders have a say in the Ecosystem Fund’s utilization, and holding ApeCoin is the only criteria for membership. NFT holders have claimed about 110 million APE tokens thus far. Yuga Labs was allocated 150 million APE, with 10 million going to the Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation. Holders of ApeCoin can be members of the ApeCoin DAO and can vote on governance rules, projects, partnerships, and more. To check ApeCoin’s price live in the fiat currency of your choice, you can use Crypto.com’s converter feature in the top-right corner of this page. Earn up to $1,000 when you fund a new account, and earn up to $100 in Bitcoinwith your first qualifying crypto trade .

ApeCoin trading volume

As per the ApeCoin price prediction undefined model above, APE’s price for undefined should range between $undefined to $undefined with the average price for undefined being $undefined. Investing in ApeCoin, APE will purely depend on your personal risk appetite. As you can see over the past 24 hours ApeCoin’s price has witnessed a 0.24% increase and over the past 30 days ApeCoin has increased by 12.40%. So it all depends on if this investment will hit your trading goals.

Price Change

Been using this as a favorite to short and unlike the long positions it’s going well. With Mt Gox fears being valid and after Powel’s gloomy projections/tone we need to be worried. A strong one but a rebound to that level is not to be crossed… Make an initial deposit of 5 USD on the Bitso app or website to purchase APE or other cryptocurrencies. As one would expect, there were some volatile price movements minutes after the airdrop and headlines show the price of APE dropping 80% since its launch. This raises the question of whether the ordinary BAYC and MAYC owner could have sold APE at $40 instead of $14, which it is trading for at the time of publishing.

Tax policies, regulations regarding investments, mining restrictions, government plans for official digital currencies, and other developments can move the crypto market higher or lower. Analysis was done on daily data so all moving averages, RSI etc.., were calculated on a daily APEcoin price chart. Please also note that data relating to the above-mentioned cryptocurrency presented here are based on third party sources. They are presented to you on an “as is” basis and for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind.

ApeCoin trading volume

At the time of writing, the APE community had overwhelminglyvotedagainst it; only 34.54% of voters approved the proposal, while 65.46% opposed it. As the first token unlock approaches, members of the ApeCoin community are voting on several suggestions to increase the token’s utility. The table above shows the number of days which ApeCoin closed above a certain price level. FDMC is the Market Cap if the Maximum Supply of a coin/token was entirely in circulation. APE has a lowest price of $3.09, which was reached on Jun 14, 2022 .

DCG has no operational input into the selection or duration of CoinDesk content in all its forms. CoinGecko provides a fundamental analysis of the crypto market. In addition to tracking price, volume and market capitalisation, CoinGecko tracks community growth, open-source code development, major events and on-chain metrics. To simplify the latest APE price prediction, we have divided up the prediction by short term ApeCoin price prediction and long term ApeCoin price prediction. As of writing this article, APE had a trading volume of $150,219,305. The absolute theoretical maximum number of coins/tokens that is coded and will ever exist in the cryptocurrency’s lifetime.

In the list, there is a hotel E11EVEN Residencies in Miami planning to accept APE payments and SaltWater Brewery based in Florida with the same target. Grow your crypto assets without lifting a finger – all on one secure platform. Any number of things could affect APE’s value in the future, including changes to regulation, the rate of adoption by retail and institutional investors, and technological developments. Because unknown future events can affect the price, it is impossible to make a precise forecast.

People Also Ask: Other Questions About Apecoin $ape

It’s also worth noting that the Ape Foundation received one NFT as a gift from Yuga Labs which has given up all its rights for this token. The Foundation itself consists of certain members of the community with strong operational experience as they have significantly contributed to the DAO development. With the initial board serving for 6 months since its election, new members can join it provided that they contribute to the growth of the community as well and are selected by the DAO members. The fastest, most convenient way to make a purchase is to buy APE at Kriptomat. For instructions, check out How To Buy Cryptocurrency and Keep It Secure. The article is part of Kriptomat’s Learn project, which provides clear, brief explanations of crypto terminology and investing strategies.

ApeCoin trading volume

As the crypto markets continue to slide, UpToBrain sees this also impacting ApeCoin’s price and believes that now is a solid time to buy. While the markets may not have reached the bottom, it believes that there will eventually be a large turnaround that will raise ApeCoin’s price. AMBCrypto’s content is meant to be informational in nature and should not be interpreted as investment advice. Trading, buying or selling cryptocurrencies should be considered a high-risk investment and every reader is advised to do their own research before making any decisions.

ApeCoin is the utility coin for the APE ecosystem, which includes the ApeCoin DAO and all services and products utilizing APE. Unlike NFTs, ApeCoin tokens are “fungible,” supporting the ‘web 3.0 economy’. The total supply of ApeCoin is permanently fixed at 1 billion tokens. 62% of total ApeCoin tokens are reserved for BAYC and MAYC NFT holders and the DAO treasury.

Ape To Usd Converter

In late April of 2022, the token traded just above the $26 range at its highest, but quickly fell back to Earth in a few days and was later rocked again by the crypto collapse of the summer of 2022. ApeCoin’s immense popularity https://xcritical.com/ has caused it to be listed on a variety of major exchanges. However, Binance.US (or Binance for non-U.S. users) and Crypto.com are among the best. These exchanges are well known for their security, low fees and ease of use.

ApeCoin trading volume

ApeCoin’s price for 2023 according to our analysis should range between $7.91 to $11.87 and the average price of APE should be around $9.89. ApeCoin’s price for 2022 according to our analysis should range between $7.18 to $10.77 and the average price of APE should be around $8.98. ApeCoin has recently made it to the top 10 in terms of trading volume from over 100 of the largest ETH whales as seen in the past 24 hours. APE made it to the top 10 in terms of trading volume ApeCoin’s MRV has been seeing sustained growth APE price… The quantity of all coins/tokens that have ever been issued , minus all coins/tokens that have been removed from circulation .


Crypto.com strives to make cryptocurrency a part of everyday life by offering a full suite of services for crypto users. Another aspect of the project is that the creators set aside a large portion of the token supply to be used in the “Ecosystem Fund.” This fund can be used on projects that the community votes on. The total circulating supply of ApeCoin as of writing this article was $314,218,750 and the marketcap of APE remains at $1,697,548,648. The 50-day moving average will almost certainly provide solid resistance near $5.75.

If you are new to crypto, use the Crypto.com University and our Help Center to learn how to start buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. The tokens surged and sank as new features in the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem went live. Holders of ApeCoin can also use the token to buy assets within the ApeCoin metaverse, such as virtual land in Yuga Labs’ NFT world, Otherside. The sale raised $285 million in early May 2022 by selling NFTs that represent deeds to plots of virtual land in an upcoming 3D world. Those who held a Mutant Ape, a derivative NFT issued to BAYC holders in 2021, could claim 2,042 APE tokens.

What’s Apecoin Trading Volume In The Last 24 Hours?

Gate only has $1,665 trading volume on the candle, which shows the highest price of $214 and only $43,000 total volume in the first five minutes. The Ape Foundation is a legal representative of the project responsible for its governance. Finally, the ApeCoin DAO itself What is ApeCoin (APE) is a decentralized autonomous organization managed by the ApeCoin holders. ApeCoin’s price quote is based on transactions taking place at each exchange. The trading volume and liquidity are different for each exchange, and those differences affect the price.

Apecoin Price In Usd

The project plans to get more decentralized in the future, though. ApeCoin’s current share of the entire cryptocurrency market is 0.17%, with a market capitalization of $ 1.69 Billion. The fully diluted market value is referring to a cryptocurrency’s market cap when/if its total supply is issued. The total supply of a cryptocurrency is referring to the total amount of coins in circulation or locked minus the removed ones. The company’s market capitalization is projected to be $2.93 billion. Despite being the newest cryptocurrency on the block, it is already ranked 47th in market capitalization as of April 2022.

So it is clear to see that the more reliable price of APE minutes after the airdrop is from Binance, which is around $28 and happened on the minute of the airdrop. It is not uncommon to see a large drop in price in the newly launched tokens in the early trading hours, as it happened to many similar tokens. The question is whether an ordinary non-tech savvy owner could have sold the token in the first five minutes to avoid such a drop. The new coin has also gained a lot of traction as many developers announced the integration of the new digital asset into their applications. Thus, a famous crypto game maker Animoca Brands announced its plans to integrate APE into some secret project that it was working on together with BAYC.

Additionally, it does not see the hype surrounding the project slowing down. If more people become interested in the token and buy it, the price can increase. The ApeCoin team has hinted at the project’s involvement in gaming and the metaverse, which could further increase the hype.

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