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With Altran, the Group reported 2019 combined global revenues of €17 billion. Two-thirds (67%) of organizations have set long-term business goals to tackle climate change. AI use cases include improving energy efficiency, reducing dependence on fossil fuels, and optimizing processes to aid productivity.

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The Capgemini Predictive Revenue Optimization offering is an example of this. It leverages Snowflake’s powerful data capabilities to provide analytical insights and recommend actions. For consumer products companies, Capgemini PRO can provide benefits to a number of business activities – but its most obvious application is to help sales, customer and category teams more quickly and accurately forecast retailer needs. Marc de Forsanz, Padmashree Shagrithaya, and Naresh Khanduri, are responsible for Capgemini Data-driven CX– an AI-powered offering that helps companies deliver next-level customer experiences. Capgemini’s research also highlights the need for a robust data management foundation that enables organizations to collect, consolidate and optimize data from multiple sources as a key parameter towards smarter, data-led net zero progress. This calls for establishing mechanisms to ensure decarbonization accountability across the organization, defining clear carbon KPIs for business teams and greater investment in carbon accounting skills.

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However, the pandemic and the forced closure of all stores in 2020 created a sudden need for an online shopping platform. The cloud migration offered Action and Capgemini the opportunity to set up a successful pilot project for online shopping via click & collect in France, cost-efficiently and at lightning speed. What’s more, the salespeople can share those recommendations with store managers – knowing they have the data at their fingertips to back up their recommendations. By crystallizing the problem, we forged a sense of shared endeavor – a collective passion for making the business changes needed to minimize the impacts of global climate change.

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They became advocates for implementing the changes necessary to hit Capgemini’s climate-related targets, and have taken on specific responsibilities for making that happen. That’s the question Chris asked when he addressed some of Capgemini’s top business leaders in the UK. More than a third (37%) of sustainability executives have decelerated their climate goals in light of COVID-19, with the highest deceleration in the energy and utilities industry. 38% of all organizations have put a hold on capital expenditure allocated for climate initiatives. We recommend trying the “Find True North” activity from the Clarify Your Goal section. After about 45 minutes, your group will have a shared sense of what you want to accomplish working together.

If a dashboard doesn’t load in the five minutes before a salesperson is walking into a meeting with a store manager, they’ll lose faith in the solution and revert to the old way of doing things. That’s critical for large consumer products companies such as the client for which we just deployed Capgemini PRO. Such companies operate in dozens of countries – each with their own compliance requirements and maturity levels. In the UK, we identified that to make this dream a reality we would need to engage, inspire and listen to senior business leaders right across the company, because they will be responsible for actually embedding the required changes. Educate their employees on the criticality of climate change explain how AI can make a real difference. They will keep us all focused on building the new value structure we urgently need to tackle the complexity of the systemic issues we must address. We need more conversations between public and private sector organizations — conversations that challenge us all to think differently at both policy and business levels.

Their funding directly impacts atmospheric CO2 levels

Therefore, in order to get the best business outcomes from data and AI, you have to constantly learn and share knowledge. It is important that you understand what you can do with data and AI, what it means for your business, and the impact it can have. In his current role as Data-Driven CX Lead, he helps clients maximize, and scale business value across CX channels. He specializes in combining Experience data with Enterprise data and applying advanced analytics, artificial intelligence to build immersive experiences. Additionally, organizations need to ensure that employees at all levels are onboarded and equipped to play their roles in the journey towards net zero.

Stay tuned for a future post to find out how to keep your group and your goals moving forward. When you click a link in a marketing e-mail you receive from Sogeti, we will also use a cookie to log what pages you view and what content you download from our websites, even if you are not registered at or signed into our site. Sign Up NowGet this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. Finally, we want to make sure that when clients deploy Capgemini PRO, they are realizing its full value. To do that, we can develop all the training manuals and the adoption protocols. We can even create and conduct surveys to understand how sales teams are using the tools, and to capture and measure their satisfaction.

  • “This tool helps me finish my day sooner and get home to my family and friends” is a compelling argument to get sales teams to adopt a new solution.
  • Let’s hope we can move beyond the debate to affirmative, collaborative action.
  • Through this project, Action for Children and Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange explored new ways to drive support and interest in charity activity.
  • In July last year, Aiman Ezzat, our CEO, announced a commitment for Capgemini to become a carbon neutral business by 2025, and be a ‘net-zero’ business by 2030.
  • Following the programme’s success in year one as a purely digital experience, Action for Children wanted to find ways to expand and improve in year two by opening a two-week-long pop-up shop supported by AI and digital technology.

However, very few organizations (7%) are investing in increasing awareness and upskilling employees on sustainability and climate change. A recent Capgemini Invent report focusing specifically on the financial industry talked about the “growing number of regulations and norms aimed at funneling financing towards the most sustainable companies, ventures, and projects”. One such regulation is the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation and this goes right to the heart of how policymakers can drive tangible change. That’s because it forces industry players to disclose just how committed to sustainability they are. This focus reflects my own belief that policy is an important tool for supporting rigorous carbon commitments.

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With this vision established, the partners began to develop the technology needed to support the shop. The core of the new store experience was Elf.ai, a giftpredicting system that can detect potential donators’ reactions to different options. Built specifically for the Action for Children Secret Santa pop-up shop, this AI solution monitored users’ emotional reactions while they used a smart screen to browse through a variety of visuals swiss franc to danish krone exchange rate convert chf showing them gifting options. Significant collaboration with the wider ecosystem to provide access to reliable emissions data is fundamental to making progress on an organization’s net zero journey, highlights the report. Currently, less than a third (32%) of organizations say that they are participating in data ecosystem initiatives to share emissions data with external entities such as NGOs, competitors, suppliers, and customers.

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Action for Children has spent the last 150 years doing everything it can to protect and support children and young people. This effort has formed a core part of the organisation’s vision to ensure that every child has a safe and happy childhood. i tested bollinger bands trading strategy 100 times With Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange as its partner, Action for Children opened a pop-up shop as part of its Secret Santa campaign and introduced Elf.ai to help visitors select gifts that sparked emotional connections.

  • Significant collaboration with the wider ecosystem to provide access to reliable emissions data is fundamental to making progress on an organization’s net zero journey, highlights the report.
  • This will require many more hands on deck, particularly ones that can offer creative ideas.
  • Furthermore, less than a third (30%) of organizations measure emissions from purchased goods and services, and only 27% measure emissions from the use of sold products.

Once a user selected a gift, he or she had an opportunity to be transformed into a digital Secret Santa character that could be shared on any social platform. The combination of Elf.ai and an interactive environment created a store that could reach a wider audience and provide a more emotionally impactful donating experience. For our consumer products clients, we leverage Snowflake’s powerful capabilities to deliver AI-driven analytics at a global scale. What’s more, it allows us to do this while ensuring proper governance and compliance with all relevant security, privacy, and regulatory requirements. AI for climate action will help you implement the most effective use cases for your industry, reducing your GHG emissions and making you a climate action champion – an organization with a mature climate change vision and strategy.

Then, Elf.ai recommended specific gifts for each individual based on their reactions. This solution allowed customers to bypass the usual process of browsing through a stock and instead be directed to specific options that will appeal to them on an emotional level. These ecosystems encompass businesses, industries, public bodies, academia, social enterprises, non-governmental organizations and consumers — as well as the policymakers. Capgemini Invent is already facilitating many of the conversations shaping the sustainable outcomes of these partnerships. We recognize that the real challenge will be agreeing to and articulating how we sustain a renewables-based economy in the long term. This will require many more hands on deck, particularly ones that can offer creative ideas.

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Further, out of the 1,000 global companies surveyed only 43% of executives said they were aware of their organization’s IT footprint. There is clearly significant scope for transforming carbon-hungry enterprise IT into sustainable IT. If we come at this from a purely business perspective, enterprises are missing a huge opportunity to cut costs, improve brand image and drive efficiency by failing to scale sustainable IT. A clear knowledge gap is also emerging, as 84% of executives would rather compensate for their carbon footprint than deploy technology solutions to reduce their footprint (16%) in the long run. According to the report organizations need to invest in AI and data science teams to understand how best to deploy AI to harness it positively for sustainability. We are a global leader in partnering with companies to transform and manage their business by harnessing the power of technology.

The cost to human life and health, to governments and economies, and to industry has been staggering, and things are not getting any better – 2019 saw the highest CO2 emissions in human history. Large manufacturing organizations, which contribute to roughly 50% of the world’s total GHG emissions, have a responsibility to act. The 8 stocks you will want to own forever heat is on to tackle climate change and organisations across sectors need to take urgent actions to reduce emissions. Many organizations struggle not only with adoption but also with getting real value from their growing data stores, point projects and initiatives that don’t offer clarity in ROI or tangible business outcomes.

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