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About Us

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Westernpan features makes your Investment easier

Our team is made up of developers, designers, and visionaries on a mission to provide the world’s most innovative applications for securing and investing digital assets. We believe empowering individuals with the necessary tools to control their own private keys and transaction information will lead to better financial security everywhere, for everyone.

The WESTERNPAN website goal remains establishing a focused, investment-driven culture. This culture continues to define our organization today, attracting like-minded employees and investors. We are a tight-knit team one that’s not afraid to respectfully challenge and debate ideas in search of the best results/outcome.

We focus on understanding the long-term drivers of a winning business, not quarter to quarter earnings.

The technology developed by WESTERNPAN allows us to study the evolution of the main crypto assets2 and their price in different currencies and operate in the market through the use of advanced algorithms. After years of research, we have optimized the system to obtain maximum returns…. We can proudly assure our investors that with our dedicated and experienced team of traders, We are able to provide massive returns from the Foreign Exchange, Stock, Binary and Crypto-Currency Markets daily.


A global financial services firm with a focused model built around clients and their needs, with an emphasis on informed advice, tailored ideas and solutions and best-in-class execution.


We offer investment capabilities across traditional and alternative asset classes for private clients, intermediaries and institutional investors.


We provide unbeatable support service through ticket system, email and phone to cater your needs and give a professional, fast and effectively response.

Our clients akwats speak for us

William Swanson has been writing software since he was 11 years old. Although he has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, he is just as comfortable working with software as he is with electronics. He has built systems at every level of the technology stack, from custom circuit boards with embedded firmware up through web sites and 3D graphics applications.

Freeing people from the need to rely either solely on themselves or a 3rd party–independence, but with support when you need it.

Smith, CEO

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